Title Search, Deed Search, Plan Search, Recordings, Research, Master Deed Forward

HLR is proud to offer the following Services:

A fifty year search using all available grantor/grantee indexes, the assessor maps and computer information. Copies of plans, assessors maps, deeds and schedule sheets provided. Turn around times vary.

Running title either from declarant or master deed run forward providing limited copies of condominium papers unless otherwise requested. Copies of unit plans, deeds and schedules provided. Turn around times vary.

Running title from the deed into the developer, getting all easements, restrictions that apply to either entire subdivision or locus lot. Copies of plans, deeds and schedule sheets provided. Turn around times vary.

We assume title from request point and run title from that point forward. Copies of deeds and schedule sheets provided, plans if requested.
Turn around time 24-48 hours.

We run from your last available run date - if not provided, we run from
Jan. 1 of current year. Fees vary.

We realize many of you have off site access, but are not Capeview members. We will be happy to pull copies for you that you are unable to download off the Registry website. Fees vary accordingly, but are generally low cost.
Copies are $1.00 per page.

We are still willing to take on the hard projects that so many of our competitors are unwilling or unable to do. We enjoy the change of pace that doing research provides us. Fees are structured to the depth of each project.